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Acadia National Park

    Sand Beach - Sand Beach is a beach that is only 290 yards wide and is made up of mostly crushed sea shells. The water here rarely exceeds 60 degrees, but that doesent stop visitors from sun bathing, castle making and taking a quick dip. After a relaxing time at the beach, if your up for a good hike, the Great Head Trail begins here.

    Cadillac Mountian Summit Road - The summit road to the top of Cadillac Mountain is a scenic and short drive. There are many overlooks along this windy road, but one of the more popular overlooks is the Blue Hill Overlook to observe the sunset. If driving isn't your preferred route, there are 4 trails heading up the mountain.

    Park Loop Road - Park Loop Road is the most popular way to explore Acadia National Park. It is 27 miles long and offers many scenic view points as you make your way to the parks most popular points of intrest. The road is primarily a one way, so be sure to stop as much as possible to get the full Acadia experience.

    Carriage Tours of Acadia National Park - 1-877-276-3622 -This is an amazing experience. The old-time carriages, the huge Belian horses clopping in unison, the history of Rockefeller's stone bridges and carriage roads, this tour is a must-do for all ages.

    Thunder Hole - Thunder Hole is a naturally carved inlet that the ocean waves crash into. At the bottom of the inlet, there is a small cavern where the waves and air are pushed out of that create the sound of thunder(Hence the name). The waves roaring out of the cavern can spout as high as 40 feet! This location can also be used as a good view point of Otter Cliff and Sand Beach.

    Otter Cliffs - Otter Cliffs is a little over half a mile from Thunder Hole and offers a panoramic view of Thunder Hole, Sand Beach and the ocean horizon. At an elevation of 110 feet, it is one of the highest headlands north of the Rio de Janerio. Althouh the cliffs are a popular spot for rock climbers, it is advised to use EXTREME caution due to the often wet and slippery rocks.

    Sier Demont Springs - The Sieur De Montes Springs is a beautiful destination in which George B. Door, who is considered to be the father of Acadia National Park, built a octangonal gazebo over the spring and carved "the sweet waters of Acadia" on a nearby rock. The springs also offers walking trails, the Nature Center, the Abbe Museum and the Wild Gardens of Acadia.

    Jordan Pond House - If your in the mood for a scenic view and a cup of tea then this is the place for you. The Jordan Pond House has been serving tea and "popovers" as a tradition for over 100 years and has a spectacular view of the Bubbles. Reservations are reccomended especially for the afternoon when visitors waiting for an hour are not uncommon. To make a reservation, call (207-276-3316).

    Monument Cove - Monument Cove is a low stone wall overlooking a boulder beach. The cove gets its name from a lone 20-foot high marine stack standing against the left walls of the cliffs. The cove is about half a mile from Thunder Hole.

    Bubble Rock - Bubble Rock is a 14 ton glacial bolder that is perched on South Bubble Mountain. Bubble Rock sits now after being transported by ice 20 miles from the northwest. Bubble Rock can be seen from Park Loop Road, but the only way to see it up close is by taking the South Bubble hiking trail.

    Carriage Roads - Forty-five miles of rustic carriage roads, the gift of John D. Rockefeller Jr., weave around the mountains and valleys of Acadia National Park. Rockefeller wanted to travel on motor-free byways via horse and carriage into the heart of Mount Desert Island. His construction efforts resulted in roads with sweeping vistas and close-up views of the landscape.

    Pretty Marsh Picnic Area - A special place on the quiet side of Mount Desert Island. A short winding road weaves through a forested area arriving in a place of fur citadels and carpets of moss. There are several picnic tables nested like islands amongst the trees for your use. A steep embankment slops towards the ocean to the west.

    If you have had an outstanding experience that is not listed here, please let Dave, the owner of Aqauaterra Adventures know about it so that he can personally check it out and add it to our list.

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