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Wineries & Breweries

Bartlett Winery

Bob and Kathe Bartlett are the proprietors and vintners of Bartlett Maine Estate Winery. In 1975, they brought our their passion and wine-making prowess to this part of Maine. Making quality wine has always been their calling, but back then they knew that grapes wouldn't appreciate the cooler New England climate. Inspiration hit with the low-bush blueberries that cover our coastline. Rich in tannins and bursting with flavor, they knew they'd be an ideal fruit for making wine.

With their first 600 gallons, they opened the doors of Bartlett Maine Estate Winery in 1983. They had eight wines. Emphasizing quality, not quantity they continuously tinker with their process. They try new aging techniques and blends to produce fresh, exciting wines that are superbly drinkable and pair magnificently with food. Today they press almost 7,000 cases a year and offer more than twenty varieties, ranging from dry and semi-dry blueberry reds to refreshing pear-apple whites, sweet blackberry dessert wines, and refreshing honey meads.

Be sure to check out their gold medalist award winning Rusticator Rum.


Catherine Hill Winery

Located along the Black Woods Scenic Byway in Washington County you'll find our winery and vineyard. Their vineyard is planted with several varieties of cold hardy grapes able to withstand the challenging environment in Downeast Maine. They source the finest grapes available from a wide variety of regions, and berries from local suppliers. Within their winery, they hand craft their wines using traditional methods. With each small batch, they strive to capture the very essence of berry and grape.

Using the finest Vinifera and Hybrid grapes, as well as  locally sourced fruit, they create an array of award winning, premium selections including complex, barrel aged reds, crisp, refreshing whites and berry wines of intense flavor. Wonderful, non industrial wines you just won't taste anywhere else. Truly a tasting experience for every palate.

Airline Brewing Company & Irish Pub

Ellsworth is the location of their classical English Pub. This newly renovated historic building reflects an atmosphere of a traditional English Pub from “The Old Country.” A pub is a house licensed to sell alcohol to the general public. In many places, especially in small communities, a pub is a focal point of the community. Pubs can be traced back to Roman taverns, through the Anglo-Saxon alehouse to the development of the tied house system in the 19th century. Pubs are socially and culturally distinct from cafés, bars and beer halls. Most offer a range of beers, wines and soft drinks and snacks. Join them in an environment were you are able to enjoy social time with friends, family or co-workers. While their beer is their focus, our locations are destinations that you won’t want to miss.

If you are looking for amazing food, be sure to check out their menu. Their flatbread sandwiches are incredible.  I am usually torn between my favorite sandwich or one of their daily specials.  My choice of beer is almost as difficult as what I am going to eat, but the challenge of deciding is what makes this place so fun.


Fogtown Brewing

Fogtown was founded in Ellsworth, Maine by long time friends Jon Stein and Ian Heyse, who wanted to create a community space that would foster art, music, education, craft food and drink, and all-around good vibes. Head brewer, Jon Stein, began home brewing as a small child and continued to hone his craft working and studying at breweries around the world. Both Jon and Ian have ample experience in construction and general problem solving, and have designed and built their brewery from scratch using reclaimed timbers and barnboard and any other curious items they could scavenge.

Fogtown’s 7BBL brewing system was built in Maine, and malts are sourced primarily from growers and maltsters in this state as well. Fogtown offers refreshing Pilsener-style beers, Maine Coast IPAs, ales brewed with locally foraged herbs and spices, barrel aged stouts and sours, and much more!